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Vampire Knight
Journey Through Darkness.
Royal Fued
Dark Longing
Hearts in Shadow
Prophesied Beginnings
Hotel of Doom
End of the Gods
The Walking Dead.
Escaping the Past.
Howling Revenge
Protected from the Damned.
City of Splintered Bonds
Return to Pandora.
This Means War
Aurora Academy
Tell Me the Truth
Apocalyptic World
Only Light Passes Through Ice
Dark Ice
We the Siblings.
The Slaughter of Life.
There Is No 'Self' In This Land
Fight of the Portals.
The Roar of the 20's
Demonic Promise.
Happily Never After
Shadowed Changes
The New Vampire Knight
A Love Reborn.
The Song In the Blood
The Brave Split
Grab & Reap
City of Blood
Howl at the Moon
The 'Other' Takeover
How to Escape.
Vampire Diaries
The Host
Codex. Shadowhunter School.
Curse of Halloween
A Dragon's Heart.
Don't be Afraid of Me.
Wild and Chained
Dark Desire
You Belong To Me
Love & Geisha
Royal Feud
The Fates' Design
Welcome to the Family.
Rise Against
A Hunter's Moon
Guilty Pleasure
The Darkest Corners of Love
Beauty & The Beast
Kings and Queens of Promise
The Wolf's Howl
Clashing Swords.
Love Council
Eternal Sacrifice
Hell Hath Opened Its Gates.
Mortal Memories.
Pursuit of the Last
Blood Lust
Savage Freedom
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