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Vampire Knight
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:56 pm    Post subject: Re: Vampire Knight  Reply with quote

Yuri Lenore Saki.

Yuri didn't show up for her evening duties the next day, hating to avoid Kaito, she ached to talk to him, and beg him to help Zero, she knew if anyone could he could, but Zero would never talk to her, or forgive her if she went to him, before she spoke to him herself. She needed to make him believe he could trust her, that she would never leave his side, or let him down. He was her friend, even if she hadn't acted that way towards him much. He had been the one the first few months to rush to her room when she'd be screaming in her sleep, and hold her shaking body against him. She couldn't let him down, when he so obviously needed someone. Which was why she couldn't see Kaito right now, she knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself, and she knew he would most likely demand what had happened last night, he had a right to know. She had basically stood him up.

She swallowed her grief, and shook her head to clear it, glancing up at the night sky, the stars blinking in the dark depths. She let out a deep sigh, and moved onto Zero's route of patrol. She couldn't explain the nervousness she felt. She half wondered how he would react, what he would do when he saw her. That was another reason she hadn't gone for the evening parade of the night class. She didn't want to scare him off. She didn't want him running from her. Thats why when she saw him now, she took off full blast, and latched onto his arm with both hands, refusing to let him go, her violet gaze burning up to him. "Stop! Zero!.. I.. I don't care whats going on with you.. I don't care.. what happened last night.. I don't care.. I.. I just.. I want you to know that.. I am your friend.. and if you need me.. then I am here.. I want to help you Zero..I don't.. I can't loose you." She growled at him as he tried to wrestle her free. She felt her nerves pick up when he froze and looked down to her, surprise on his features. "I know.. I've kicked you out a lot.. I didn't want you to be close to me..but.. You helped me when I first came here.. and I just.. I can't see you hurt like this.. I'll be whatever you need me to be, Zero.. Ren.. please.. just so you don't get hurt.. If you need this. 'she pointed at her throat, to the bandage she had over his bite.' "Or if you just need someone to talk to.. then I'm here.. I'll do whatever you need." She continued, feeling his body tense under her tight grasp. She peered into his eyes, her own honest, and hiding nothing from him, showing him how much she wanted to help him, to be useful to him.

Mako Hido Hurichi.

Mako had been with Kaito when they found Emma, and he had sensed something really off with her, she seemed so depressed, and down, and just off. Worry slammed harshly into him, and he stayed once Kaito left, following her, and trying to get her to talk to him, even going so far as to apologize for being so harsh the night before. He hadn't meant to hurt her feelings. She had blown him off, and he had been more wounded then ever before.

The next day, he was nearly as silent, and out of it as Kaito was, as they left the dorm. He could sense his friends annoyance when Yuri did not make an appearance in front of the girls, and taking up Kaito's protection for his own role, he stepped in front of the other male, to block him from the overzealous girls, trying to push Zero's and Emma's patience. He had tried his best to ignore the girl, but it had been so hard, and in the end, they had both unconsciously glanced at each other. Mako's gaze filled with a raw longing for her, and the desire to please her, but not knowing how.  

He skipped the rest of the night class, telling Kaito he needed to feed. He was just on his way off the school grounds, when he ran into his own personal tormentor. He grimaced as she scowled at him, and bowed his head in humility. "Please stop looking at me like that, Emma.. I didn't not try and rule you by telling you you couldn't fight.. I risk enough with Kaito planning this fight.. if you fought with us..and something happened to you... life would loose meaning.. I could not allow something so filled with life, and love to be destroyed by the vampire's taint. I do not want that darkness touching you.. or any of the hunters here in this school that I consider my friends, even if they do not.. You all are to precious to me to risk your lives just to see Kaito's and my objectives completed." He spoke lowly, his head bowed in defeat to her, wanting her to understand, and hoping she would. He couldn't, nor wouldn't fight with her, if she did not believe him, then nothing he said now would ever change her mind about him, at least thats what he thought.

Alice Tara Kana.

{O.O I don't know what to do with her.}

Michael Crass.

Michael squinted at the book as he held it over his head. It was dark, and he knew he shouldn't be out here reading in the darkness, but it was a lovely night, and the sky beautiful, he just couldn't bring himself to leave the peaceful night. Besides he was trying to understand the old world language he was trying to decipher. It was an ancient text that no one had ever been able to uncode, not even the most long lived vampire had been able to. Why he thought he could, he wasn't sure. Just to optimistic, he guessed. He grumbled and gave up, dropping the book onto his chest, and closing his eyes, enjoying the cool feel of the wind on his face, brushing his hair against his temples and cheeks.

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