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Roleplaying, and discussion of rping
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Possible Gens

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:22 am    Post subject: Possible Gens  Reply with quote










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PostPosted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Genevieve Rothsguard

The pain was all consuming. It surrounded her entire being, numbing her thoughts. She could feel the nick in her heart, the blade barely piercing it, but just enough to cause its damage, and suck her whole being away. She looked up into the piercing eyes of the one that has longed to end her for so long. Her chest aches with regret and sorrow over having hurt him so many times, and for so long. Surely somewhere, sometime, he could be happy? She heard her name echoing into her foggy brain, the voice filled with more pain than she was feeling in this instance. Her longing burned brighter. "Look at his face, in his eyes, let him see you loved him even in the end." She screamed at herself mentally. But she couldn't move, she was frozen, falling back. Every thing seemed slowed, each heart beat leading to the last. His arms surrounded her, his warmth invading her slowly, fading form. She looked up into his anguished eyes, seeing his tears of pain and fear. She smiled softly, or tried to, and parted her lips to speak her last words to this man she loved."


Gen jerked awake, her gold/ember eyes flashing open, her hand flicking up to her head, where she had been smacked. Her friends gave her concerned and worried glances. Damn. She had fallen asleep on the drive to the party. She brushed her hand through her golden locks, and smiled sheepishly.
"Sorry.. needed a nap before all our wild partying." She replied lightly, fluttering her eyes in an innocent manner, and giving Damien a flirty grin. Julian, and Adrian looked a little doubtful, even offered to call going to the party off, and just grabbing a pizza and watching Netflix at one of their houses. She refused the offer, claiming they all needed this. The only one who could even guess at the truth, knew she needed the party to distract her from her dreams. She glanced to the girl sitting next to her, picking up her hand, and smiling softly to her. "I am okay." She whispered, so none of the others could hear her, as they started talking about the party again.

Gen drifted in and out of the going on's in the car the rest of the way, thinking of this dream, wondering why it felt so real, and wishing she could stop having it. Her chest ached with the remembered pain, of not only the blade slicing deep into her chest, but also the pain in the man's voice that called out to her. She was relieved one they pulled up to the large house, and they all filed out and to the front door. Music swamped over her as they entered the house, smiling and nodding to the host, and soon loosing herself in the music. She danced with her friends for awhile, before slowly melting away. She always loved the parties at this particular house, because they had speakers in the garden, so she could still enjoy the music, while also having the dark night to herself. Enjoying the smell of the flowers, and the cool breeze, after the stifling press of bodies surrounding her.

The garden was no different than normal. The stars gazed down from above the world, and the insects sang their nightly songs, while bats wheeled above trying to catch their yummy goodness. She smiled softly and headed deeper into the night, taking up her place in a secluded spot, a bit away from the sliding glass doors leading out here. She breathed in the clean air, and sighed happily as the new song moved over her. She started to sway with the beat, her voice slowly lifting to follow the lyrics, adding her own hypnotic voice to the mix of the singers, unable to resist the beckoning call of the music.

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